January 23, 2014

The Simple Life

Happy 2014, everyone! This year, as the clock struck midnight, my first words (besides, "Happy New Year," of course) were, "WE'RE GONNA HAVE A BABY THIS YEAR!!!"
Baby Graef continues to grow and make his/her mommy’s belly stick out a little further week by week. Although to me it seems as if I’m enormous, I know that most people wouldn’t even be able to tell that I’m expecting yet. Last week I finally had to cave and get some maternity pants, and the saleslady asked, “Did you say you were 2 months along?” “No, I’m almost 5…” haha That just proves my point about being small.

18 weeks along! Nearly halfway there...
According to various apps and websites that give me updates on how big the baby is getting, Baby Graef is now the size of a sweet potato. So it really isn’t any wonder, then, that I’ve begun to feel tiny flutterings in my lower belly in the last few weeks! It started out as feeling like a butterfly flapping its wings against the walls of my lower abdomen, to now feeling more like a rolling sensation. Sorry if that is really vague, I sat here for a several moments trying to figure out what exactly it feels like and that is the best I can come up with haha I just imagine a tiny baby about the size of a sweet potato twisting and turning and trying to get comfortable inside my belly…
In a couple of weeks we are scheduled for an anatomy ultrasound where we will hopefully find out what this little sweet potato's sex is. David is still hoping for a boy, and I am still pretty undecided. I would like for the baby to be healthy, human, and alive. That is all I really care about!
So, besides baby updates, life is going on quite normally! David has begun his senior year of college as of last week, and has already been bombarded with endless reading assignments and homework (whatever happened to the first week of college being the easiest?)! Still, he pulls through like a champ – he is already an entire week ahead of schedule. I don’t know how he does it! He has a slightly lighter credit hour load this semester, but it looks like he will have quite a bit of reading assignments due throughout the semester that will be keeping him very busy. Next semester, Fall 2014, is his last one (YAY!), and he only has 3 classes to take that semester! Then he will be a smarty pants Moody graduate! Needless to say, this is going to be one big year for the future daddy/college graduate!
Over the holidays David and I spent some time in Kentucky with the Graefs! It was a blessing being with family, and some of the things we particularly enjoyed were…
·          RM having some awesome one-on-one cooking lessons from Gela!
·          Christmas Eve morning spent with the family and both sets of grandparents!
·          RM learning to give David a hair cut (a lesson taught by Gela, once again!)
·          Games with the family (mostly Catan and Dominoes)
·          And David was ecstatic to be given a TON of tools (household and car-related) for Christmas!
We had a really wonderful time!
Christmas dinner with the Graefs & Millers
Before leaving Chicago for Kentucky, I received an email from a woman who had seen my resume and profile listed on a nanny/babysitter website. She was inquiring whether or not I would be interested in setting up an interview with her for a part-time babysitting position only 5 minutes from our house! The interview went great, and on Christmas Eve she notified me once again asking me to accept the position! So, I am happy to say that I am now a babysitter for 8 hours a day on Mondays and Wednesdays for an adorable 3-year-old named Amelia! The hours are perfect as they coincide with David’s school schedule beautifully, and I love spending time with this adorable little girl! She brings a lot of sunshine into my life even on the coldest, dreariest days, and makes me laugh often! She is very curious about the pregnancy and the idea of a baby inside my belly, and points out all too often at how my stomach is growing “bigger and bigger!” This week she insisted on having me shove a ginormous baby doll up her dress so that she could have a baby in her belly too. It was all I could do not to laugh out loud as she walked around the house with the baby doll’s legs hanging out from underneath her dress!

Amelia :)
We are so thankful for this opportunity for me and know that it truly is a blessing from God!
I am going to try to make an effort at blogging more often, which means that some blogs might seem mundane (in which case I totally invite you to skip on over them if they bore you!) because it may be a lot of baby updates and normal life updates (like this one). But I think it’s important to find joy and meaning in the everyday things in life too, and so I really hope to bring those things to light in these blog entries as well, instead of only focusing on the extraordinary or remarkable in order for it to qualify for a blog update.
Here are some prayer requests if you’d like to keep us in your prayers this week!
·          Baby Graef’s continued growth, health, and development! (And that it would be a BOY if you’d like to join David in his daily prayer! Haha)
·          Strength, diligence, and endurance for David in this new school semester as he heads into his senior year with a heavy load of classes
·          Praise! For RM’s job/relationship with this new little girl, Amelia, and her mother
·          Health for David as he has been sick for the past few days

Thank you for the prayers, love, and support!

With love,
The Graefs
Baby Graef
18 weeks
Size of a Sweet Potato
(Side note: when Googling sweet potato
pictures I was bombarded with images of
sweet potato fries.
..I think I need some now.)

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