September 24, 2014

A Very Merry Unbirthday

So this happened yesterday....

Yep. That's right. I am now the VERY proud owner of a beautiful Macbook Pro!
Now who could have possibly thought of such a flawless gift?? Of course, my husband. Turns out he has been conniving with his parents and grandparents for the past few weeks and they ALL got me this beautiful laptop for my birthday (which is actually in a few days hehe)!
In 2006 when I graduated high school (I've been graduated for 8 years now! Where did the time go???), my parents got me my amazing Macbook, Pearl, who had faithfully lasted me until this spring when she finally gave up the ghost after 8 long years of service. I was very sad to see her go, and because she had been such an awesome computer, I felt totally satisfied to wait however long it would be before the time was right to get another Mac. When David began asking me casual questions about my old laptop and what kind I would want in the future (in a VERY smooth way, by the way), I was very straightforward and warned him that I was quite the computer snob when it came to laptops after having my faithful Pearl for 8 years, and that I was perfectly content without a computer until I could get my dream Mac. Little did I know, he was already craftily researching computers himself....
And so, today, after he mysteriously disappeared for a couple of hours yesterday morning, he gave me my early birthday present! I was pretty skeptical at the thought of entrusting David to get me the "right" computer since he is a Windows kinda guy, but all reservations were gone when I opened up my present and found my dream computer sitting there! For the next couple of hours I was in shock, and almost denial. David had to ask me several times if I liked it haha. Of course, I loved it, and as the day wore on I was a LOT more expressive about that ;) It's also so sweet that it's from his parents and grandparents. They all tell me how much they enjoy the blog and pictures of Ryenne and our family adventures, and needless to say, a beautiful Macbook is one way to get me to keep up with that!!
Something else I realized though, as this is my second birthday as a married woman and first birthday as a mommy, is that I have so much love in my heart already that I really don't feel any void that needs filling up by any earthly goods. God has showered me with His love! David had asked me a few times what I wanted for my birthday, and I kept telling him that honestly what would mean the most would be to spend the day with him and Ryenne. I just feel so content and overwhelmingly thankful with the life God has given me. It's such a blessing to wake up every morning with my loving husband beside me and tiny baby smiling up at me - both reminding me of just how blessed I am. And even the gifts my husband picks out for me are a reflection of the love he has for me, not just because he is giving me something, but because he always chooses things that he believes will encourage and cultivate the gifts God has given me. David loves the things that interest me - writing, photography, occasional video editing - and he is always encouraging me in those outlets! And this year, a couple of days before my birthday, he decided to do that in a very big, tangible way! Obviously, his thoughtfulness is right on track as I was already inspired to update the blog using my *new* computer (who still needs a name...although I'm leaning toward Olaf).
Anyway, all of this to say, I am so thankful for this gift my hubby and in-laws gave me, but what I'm most grateful for is my loving, thoughtful, generous, too-good-to-me husband, who shows me everyday through his own example the kind of unselfish, uninhibited, unfailing love that Christ has for me.
I love you, David.

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