October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween just takes on a whole new meaning when you have a little family!! Last year I knew for months that I wanted to be Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Baby Kryptonite for Halloween, but this year I was wondering for weeks what we would be! I flip-flopped between a lot of different ideas, but we were all really happy with what we ended up doing: we were the story of Little Red Riding Hood! I thought Ryenne would be a perfect Little Red because she is the friendliest little girl and I just knew she would look so adorable in a red hood. Aaaand I was excited that I got to mess around with makeup as an old granny, make a little cloak for Ryenne, and hang around a hunky huntsman all night =P It was a really fun afternoon, despite the fact that Ryenne was surviving on about 40 minutes of nap. Nottttt ideal, but it was still a really fun memory! She was fascinated with all the costumes, and was quite the hoarder when it came to her candy haha She wouldn't let it go! To the point that all chocolate candies became mush from her little hands holding onto them so tightly.
Here are some pictures from our first stop that my mom was so kind to take!! Hope you enjoy the photos (and aren't too jealous of my hot granny get-up... ;) )

^ My favorite picture!


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