November 25, 2015

These Fleeting Moments

Today has me sick and in bed for a good chunk of the day and that results in a LOT of extra think-time. It's good to have times like this to make you reflect a little as sometimes life can get pretty crazy busy and full of distractions. I suppose that's why God allows us to be under the weather sometimes :)

Every now and then I get hit with the horrifying realization that life is flying by OH SO QUICKLY. For the past couple of days my little 16-month-old has been going potty on the toilet and I am in denial that she is actually old enough to comprehend anything related to potty training!! I was in no way planning on potty training her so early - at the earliest I thought maybe 18 months but more likely 2 years - but I did want her to get familiar with the concept and so I started by just sitting her on the toilet.

The first time I did, she was a little skeptical because we don't have any special potty seat for her and so the huge toilet mouth seemed like it was going to swallow her and her teeny bum. But we sat there for a little bit and then moved on with our day. A couple of days later I sat her on the potty again because she had (sorry if this is TMI) just seen me in the bathroom (I'm a mom, you never get to go to the bathroom by yourself!!) and so I thought maybe it'd be a good opportunity for her to get more familiar with the whole potty scene again. So I plopped her on the toilet and talked to her using all of the potty words I could think of so that she could connect them with the bathroom and the toilet. To my sheer and utter surprise, she actually PEED! There was a lot of rejoicing and clapping and hugging and cheering, and when Daddy came home, she did it again! Since then she has peed on the potty nearly every time that I sit her on it, and when she doesn't, she just pushes out little toots and claps for herself like she is such a big girl hahahaha

Now I'm faced with the choice of starting potty training now when she seems to be getting it, or waiting until she is older. I am still indecisive and part of the reason for that is that I'm in denial that my little girl could possibly be old enough to understand the concept of going potty. Just a year ago she couldn't even crawl let alone walk and BAM! one year later and she's ready to potty train??

When I was a kid, it seemed like the hours and days and weeks just took forever to go by. It seemed like I would never be a teenager or a grown up. Life began to go a little faster when high school came around, and my early twenties sped by even more quickly. But life was put into HYPER SPEED once I became a parent. The days are long but the weeks are SO fast. Way, way too fast.

These pictures are from just an ordinary, quiet coloring session with my little girl who is growing up far too quickly. It is my prayer that I will be able to embrace these moments with her while I have them, lest I blink and find that she is off graduating from high school or getting married or something... :(
Thank you, God, for the gift of time, but please don't let it go by too quickly!!!

James 4:14b "...What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes."

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