January 5, 2016

Monday Part One: Diamond Head

Contrary to many people out there in the work-force, David and I greatly look forward to Mondays every week. For David, Sunday and Monday are his days off aka his "weekend," so we really anticipate Saturday night when he comes home from his second job at around 6pm and we know that we have the entire "weekend" together.
This Monday we had an elaborate plan of what we thought we'd like to do for the day. We wanted to start out at Diamond Head so that David could get a little surfing in, and then take a short road trip up to the North Shore to see the big winter waves pounding, and then get our grocery shopping done at Costco. All before Ryenne's nap time at 1:30pm.
We ended up getting home at 5:30pm and Ryenne slept in the car for her "nap." The rest of the plans for the day actually came through, just at a much, much slower pace than we had anticipated.
Our day started at Diamond Head and David was able to catch a few waves before we were off onto our road trip. The waves on the South side were about 1-2 feet which were perfect for David (contrast that to the waves at the North Shore that were pushing 20 feet!).
I brought my camera and extra lens in hopes that I might be able to catch some pictures of David surfing but once again as soon as he got out there I lost sight of him and so I didn't manage did take any picture of him actually surfing. But ONE DAY ... I will.

Ryenne was really into throwing sand

More sand-throwing

A little friend - Ryenne had no idea what it was and when I pointed at it she picked it up right away!! Then it moved and she was really creeped out.

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