March 1, 2016



  • Excited to be trying out my new camera remote courtesy of my in-laws! It was a Christmas gift from them and I don't even think they realized how long I've been wanting one! Goodbye, self-timer! This camera remote makes things so easy even Ryenne can do it!
  • In denial that my daughter is this huge already. She is 20 months old today!! Um, how can it be that in 4 months I'll have a 2-year-old?? She is talking up a storm these days - able to put together 3-4 word sentences. Our newest craze is learning the colors of our crayons. Her favorite seems to be pink, and her least favorite brown.
  • Stilllllll at my mom's house. We have a couple of options that we are waiting on, and so it's really in God's hands right now! I'm relieved to not have to be scouring Craigslist all day everyday every night. That was no fun! Hopefully we'll be able to do a big update soon on where exactly our new home will be ;) God is good!
  • Enjoying the beach! We have been sea side a lot these days, mostly because Ryenne has turned into a FISH. She loves the floaties we bought her from Costco, which enable her to have a lot more freedom in the ocean (and give Mommy and Daddy a lot more sanity now that we don't have to hover over her every couple of inches). The floaties aren't meant to save her life but they certainly are helpful in just providing us with a couple of extra seconds when she otherwise would have gone under. She loves to kick up her legs and float now, and it just might be my very favorite thing she does these days.
  • Last but not least, currently typing this to the aroma of a very stinky diaper. Sooooo....looks like duty calls! ;) 

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