October 17, 2015

Going to Market

Although we don't go often enough, we do enjoy going to the KCC Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings. Lately it's been so busy that we haven't gotten a chance, but this Saturday we made a real effort to plan ahead to go as a family, and it was really fun to just go and people watch. When we were in Chicago we went to the Farmers' Market in Lincoln Park nearly every Saturday. There's a more rustic feel to that market (despite the fact that you're actually in the city), and the displays of flowers and fruits and vegetables are just gorgeous.

The market here has become a huuuuuge tourist magnet over the years. In fact, there are actual tour buses that come FULL of Japanese tourists - selfie-sticks and all! With the addition of tourists comes a big shift in the kinds of stands that you see at the "Farmers' Market." I think there are probably only 30% fruit and veggie stands, and 70% are tourist-centered food stands, chocolate stands, "Made-Only-In-Hawaii-Stands," etc. It's kind of sad to see how much it has changed! But, it's still fun to be a part of the hustle and bustle and to people watch :)

I think the best part about going this time was seeing how much Ryenne enjoyed it. We brought the stroller, but for the most part she walked, and man, was she taking everything in! When we first got out of the car, she was saying "hi" to everyone that passed, and "bye" to every car that was leaving. It was pretty funny. She is such a friendly little girl.

This was a really crazy hectic week as David had started his new job with very early hours, so it felt so good to be able to get out and do something as a family. Plus, I have to admit a huge reason I wanted to go was because I wanted to get out and take some pictures with my beautiful new camera. David was very kind to indulge me :)

We tried a lot of samples (especially chocolate samples...yummmm), and did a lot of browsing, but the only thing we really walked away with was a camera full of pictures. But that's okay, today it was more about the experience than actually having to buy something.

Happy Saturday!!!
~ The Graefs


  1. Farmer's markets are the best! Such a cute little family :D

  2. I love fining little restaurants that turn out to me awesome. I found your blog from the Mom bloggers club. It looks like you guys had a great time at the farmers market. Have a great day.