October 19, 2015

Date Night: Agu Ramen Bistro

Last week was a very tough week for our family as we were all adjusting to David's strange new hours. David was learning a completely new job, and while we are SO grateful for this opportunity, it really took its toll on our family (like any new job). As a couple, we felt pretty out of sync with one another, and I felt extremely alone most of the week as most nights David needed to go to bed by 7:30 in order to get a good night's sleep for work in the early morning.
We had planned ahead of time to set aside Saturday as date night. My mom had agreed (happily) to babysit Ryenne overnight so that we could really enjoy our time together and not have to think about rushing home to put Ryenne to bed or even wake up early. We also knew that we wanted to try out a new restaurant that my friend, Hannah, had highly recommended. She knows how much I love ramen, so for my birthday this year she got me a gift card for this place (date night = best bday gift idea ever!)! 
By the time Saturday rolled around, David and I weren't even sure we wanted to go out on a date anymore. We were both exhausted emotionally and physically. Still, David took the lead and arrived home after a long and busy day with a bottle of sparkling cider, chocolate, and my favorite flowers. The date was on! And I was already feelin' the love ;)

We went to Agu and were so pleased with this little joint! It was such a fun experience to try someplace new together! We both had pretty much no idea what to order - although I do typically order Miso ramen at ramen places haha But it was really fun to take a look at the menu and realize that we were going to have to be adventurous! We asked the waiter what some of the more popular dishes were and he said that they were known for their Koterri. So that is exactly what we ordered! Along with some Miso ramen haha

Original Koterri

David got the Koterri and he LOVED it. It looked so pretty and appealing and delicious in the dish but it tasted even more amazing than we expected. He inhaled it so fast I had to remind him to slow down - and even then he was still eating it so fast that he ended up with splatters all over his shirt lol niiiiiiice. Good thing we're already married!

Miso Ramen

I got the Miso ramen and enjoyed evvvverrrryyyyyy bite. The noodles are so amazing. If the only ramen you've ever had is Top Ramen from the grocery store.... you haven't tasted real ramen yet. These noodles are so hearty and filling - which is so crazy because they're so thin. My mouth is literally watering just thinking about it...
We would definitely recommend Agu and were already telling my mom and her hubby that they need to go out on a date and get some ramen there! Thanks, Hannah & Gavin for a delicious and memorable night!

My hot date

Aside from the restaurant experience, David and I really enjoyed the time to just focus on each other without any distractions. It's amazing after you've been married for just a couple of years annnnd are parents for even less how you really do start to take each other for granted. Making the time to go out on dates is totally worth it!! We brought along an awesome conversation book that we got back at Moody months ago, and it was fun to talk about all kinds of hypothetical, historical, or silly questions :) We laughed a lot.
David also surprised me with a sweet card he had picked up for me. It said "Happy Anniversary" in it, but he crossed out Anniversary and wrote "Another day of marriage" haha All the doubts and worries of the past week just really seemed to crumble as I read that sweet card! I have a real keeper.
After dinner we were hoping to go to the movies, but there wasn't really anything playing that we wanted to see, so we just rented a movie from RedBox instead. We got "Into the Woods" and the only thing I am going to say about it is that IT WAS THE WORST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN AND YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO WASTE 2 HOURS OF YOUR LIFE WATCHING IT EITHER!!! Okay, that's it. Other than that, it was a WONDERFUL date night/weekend!
I'm so thankful that David prioritizes quality time together and also makes an effort to really show how much he cares. It was so thoughtful of him to write the card and really set the tone with all the little gifts beforehand. I love you so much, David! :)

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