October 23, 2015

An Oily Post

This year for my birthday David made this amazing shelf for me with the sole purpose of organizing my Young Living essential oils collection! Originally they started out in a Ziplock baggy, then they were upgraded to a drawer in one of our nightstands, and finally they have their own space to be displayed, admired, and used thanks to this shelf!

He worked for weeks on end on this, which of course makes it that much more special. He used repurposed wood and basically designed the whole shelf himself. I really like how he made the bottom shelf deeper so that I can put my little spritz bottles in it, or roller bottles, or whatever. And then two shallower top shelves are perfect because they allow me to see the names of the oils so I can easily pick out the one I need.

So, I thought I'd share a little about these oils and how we use them in our daily lives. A couple of my all-time favorite oils are Lavender and Cedarwood. I use Lavender oil in Ryenne's diffuser pretty much every night as part of her bedtime routine. We usually get the diffuser going while her bath fills up, turn on some classical lullabies, and prepare to mentally tone the rest of the night down. Having a bedtime routine REALLY helps Ryenne to settle down and prepare for bedtime, and I find that the sense of smell can be such a "comfort spot" for both kids and adults, so I am a full believer in using oils as a part of her calming bedtime ritual.
Every time that David is on "bath duty," the minute I turn on the diffuser and hit the classical music, he says without fail, "Oh, baby, this just really relaxes me too," and instantly he's like jello haha With all the long and grueling work hours he's been faithfully putting in, he could definitely use some relaxing too.
Because we have been using Lavender so much for Ryenne, we've resorted to just keeping the lavender oil in her room next to the diffuser. But I also like to use oils in our room to help us to get a good night's sleep, so that's why I've been turning to Cedarwood! Cedarwood is also known for helping with a good night's sleep. The smell is really rich, sweet, and rustic, and I know David - who loves nature and the outdoors - really enjoys that woodsy smell when he comes to bed at night :) When I actually have Lavender around, I like to mix it with the Cedarwood and that just totally takes the spa-relaxation-ambiance to a whole new level!!
We use quite a few other oils as part of our daily lives, but I guess those are the two I am really in love with at the moment as I have learned to associate bedtime and a peaceful evening along with them haha

Yesterday I was really feeling in the Christmasy spirit, but David is pretty anti-Christmas music or decor before at least Thanksgiving, so I unleashed some of my built-up holiday anticipation by diffusing some Thieves and Clove. Thieves is an oil blend that to me seriously smells like Thanksgiving and Christmas in a bottle - it has cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary in it, which are basically the ingredients to the most festive smell in the world. Thieves is also primarily used for helping to fight off colds - the name comes from the thieves way back in the day when the plague was around who would cover themselves in these herbs while they went scavenging and raiding the dead and dying! Morbid, right??? Doesn't that get you in the holiday mood? Haha, anyway, Thieves was the perfect background scent to kind of set the mood for my day yesterday, and it was nice knowing that any oncoming colds or lingering germs were simultaneously being shooed out the door.
Now that I've written about diffusing this and that, I'm itching to diffuse something again so I think I'm gonna head on over to my super-awesome-handy-nifty-crafty shelf that my wonderful husband made and find me an oil to diffuse! I'm thinking maybe some Orange and Clove??
Thanks for reading ;)
Randie Megan

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