October 24, 2015

Little Buddies

We are so very blessed to live in a little cluster of houses where we have some really great neighbors. One of the houses right next to us is another little family with two daughters, and one is about a year older than Ryenne. Her name is Gabi, and these two girls LOVE to play together! You can hear them at any given time of the day yelling across the courtyard to each other, and nearly everyday Rye's little buddy shows up on our doorstep to visit "Rye-oo" as she calls her.

One day I brought my camera out to snap some pics of the little friends in action. Because they're both toddlers, they do a lot of parallel play where they're both doing their own things, but right next to each other. And of course they play together as well, pushing their cars around the courtyard, snuggling each other's babies, or throwing the big pink ball around, all while communicating in jibber jabber that I'm sure only they can understand.

Gabi's mama had told her that she could go in the pool with her shoes on because she was just wearing plastic sandals, so Ryenne thought that meant she could go in the water with her shoes too.

 I love Gabi's smile :)

Taking a break from running around to sit on the steps for some tea.

 Couldn't resist this booty shot of Ryenne with her bum all dirty from sitting on the gravel haha

Best little buds.

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