December 17, 2015

26 Days of Thanksgiving

As I mentioned before in our post titled the "Chain of Gratitude," this year we are starting some new traditions and one of them is this paper link chain where each of us write down one thing we are thankful for each day leading up to Thanksgiving. Well, now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, our chain is finished and we have the pleasure of looking at it through the Christmas season!
Here are our three lists of Thankfulness!

1. Honolulu Bible Church
2. My Family
3. The maturity & wisdom my wife brings to this marriage
4. Our God who takes an interest in our personal, daily lives
5. Dobby (our car)
7. Cloth Diapers ("money saver!")
8. Job at Starbucks
9. My parents who showed me the importance of loving God & my family
10. God's mercy by choosing us into life with Him.
11. Mom & Lee
12. A generally healthy body
13. All the clothes that people have provided for Ryenne Ashley
14. Good food & drink that we can enjoy
15. For the opportunity to have traveled so much
16. All the godly authors who wrote such great books that help me in my walk with God.
17. Ryenne's joyful spirit and tender heart. They are both answers to prayer.
18. God protecting my family while I'm at work so much
19. Good managers at my jobs
20. God's grace in providing me with the strength to work long days
21. Free meals from Starbucks
22. Free surf boards
23. A very smart little girl who understands discipline and really learns from it.
24. For a wife who is humble enough to work at being a better wife & mother everyday.
25. For such open communication with my wife & the trust we share
26. My grill & all of the grilling & cooking skills I've learned from Randie Megan & Lee.
1. Our home
2. My sister
3. My hard-working husband
4. My sweet, healthy, happy daughter, Ryenne Ashley
5. Our God who provides (Jehovah-Jireh)
6. Being a Homemaker/Mom (my dream job)
7. Date nights
8. Mommy breaks :)
9. Food
10. Sunny days
11. Rainy days
12. The beach
13. Hikes with the family
14. The privilege of being a Stay-at-Home-Mom
15. Adventures out of the country
16. A yard
17. Sunday lunches
18. My camera
19. Christmas lights
20. FaceTime
21. Weekends with David
22. Good health
23. Spontaneous family outings
24. Money for groceries every week
25. My hubby's crazy sense of humor
26. Memories & more memories to come

(with help from Mommy)
1. Bubba (her stuffed bunny toy)
2. Papa
3. Books
4. Storytime with Daddy
5. The moon, sky, & stars
6. Alice ("Adis" her baby doll)
7. Gramma
8. Gabi (her BFF/neighbor)
9. Outside
10. Outdoor adventures
11. Friends at Honolulu Bible Church
12. Meadow ("Lala") and Kingston
13. Outside adventures
14. Birds
15. Jovi ("Joji")
16. Quiet days at home
17. Times at Papa & Gramma's
18. Dancing
19. Singing
20. My toys
21. Walks as a family
22. Good health
23. My Bible ("Bi-bi")
24. My bedroom
25. Letters from cousins!
26. Godly, loving parents

Our lists weren't perfect (you can see that a couple times we repeated things we were grateful for and David actually skipped one day accidentally haha), but the goal of making us more aware of the things we have to be thankful for was definitely achieved :) We will be implementing this family tradition yearly for sure. It was truly humbling to see just how much many blessings we have.

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