December 18, 2015

Sunset Surfing

We went to the beach yesterday at around sunset so David could get a quick surf fix in ;) It started pouring rain before I could snap a pic of David actually surfing a wave, but the pictures that we did get were priceless because it was such a beautiful time of day. I also got to test out my big lens from David's dad which allowed me to really zoom in on David even if he was far from shore. It did not disappoint!

We have officially been back in Hawaii for a year now, and David has gone surfing multiple times during that span of time, but surprisingly this was our FIRST time going surfing with all 3 of us present! Ryenne was a little confused when David ran into the water ("DADDY??!?!?"), but after that she was far too interested in the tide pools to care much about where he went (although she did talk about him now and then while she explored).

Like I said, it really was an absolutely gorgeous time of day to go. I did not edit these pictures at all.
Sunset cruise in the distance.

I was just so stunned at the beauty of the ocean, sun, trees, even the rain. I kept thinking of Genesis 1 during the Creation story when God kept saying "it was good." His fingerprints were all over the beach and sunset last night.

Already looking forward to the next time we can go on another beach adventure :) 

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