December 19, 2015

Favorites from Ryenne's Library

Ryenne has been blessed with a nice variety of board books that keeps growing over time! Honestly, I think David and I have only bought her three or four of her books, and the rest have mostly been given to her by her grandparents!
When we lived in Chicago, there was a little bookstore called Open Books that was right down the street from where we lived at Moody, and we frequented that shop quite a bit. It was so fun to just look around in, as all the books were secondhand/vintage. On the LAST full day that we were in Chicago, they had a HUGE book sale where every single book was half off, and so despite the craziness of our move and packing, we stopped by with my Dad and Melanie to check out the deals on that day. Melanie (a music teacher for young children) chose a BUNCH of great board books for Ryenne, and so that's where most of her stash comes from. They have also mailed us all the way from Ohio several batches of books that people had donated to Melanie's school where she teaches.
We have definitely learned the value of secondhand books around here! New kid's books can be SO expensive, so buying them from a used bookstore is like gold.
Ryenne does have a handful of new books too - last year for Christmas she received two sets of books from her Papa and Gramma. Some Dr. Seuss books, and a set of smaller books that are just the right size for her little hands.

David and I gifted RyeRye two books for her first birthday - one of them was "The Jungle Book" board book by Jennifer Adams. This, of course, isn't the ACTUAL Jungle Book, but the characters are from the story (Shere Khan the Tiger, Baloo the Bear). We got this book because when Ryenne turned one she was VERY into animals. She could spot animals anywhere! We love this series of Jennifer Adams board books because she always takes characters from the classics and incorporates them into a board book version just for small children. The other book that Ryenne got for her first birthday from us was "Alice in Wonderland" which we thought she'd love because of all the colors and also because her first birthday party was an Alice in Wonderland theme :)

"No Two Alike" by Keith Baker. This is another one of Ryenne's all-time favorites. My mom got this book for Ryenne because Ryenne has an infatuation with birds! It's the sweetest little story of two birds that are almost identical but NOT quite. Sometimes story books can be a little too long for Ryenne's attention span, but this book has just the right amount of words on each page to hold her interest. Plus the pictures are just beautiful with all the winter scenes and winter animals. Ryenne especially loves to read this particular book with David, as he really makes the story come alive. I think this would be a really sweet story for twins because it's about how similar these two birds are, and yet they are each different and unique (I'll have to make a mental note of that in case I ever hear of someone who is having twins haha).
Ryenne is getting another book from us for Christmas - one that we read over and over again with her when we borrowed it from the library - but you'll have to wait to find out which book it is! ;)

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